Family Member Benefits

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Medical Insurance:

Preferred-Care Blue base PPO 

The Preferred-Care Blue base PPO plan provides coverage with lower monthly premiums but has a higher deductible and out-of-pocket maximums.  

  • Deductible: $2,500/$5,000

  • Coinsurance: 80% in network

  • Out of pocket max: $5,300/$10,600

*includes deductible & medical presciption copays 

  • Office visit copay: $25

  • Specialist visit copay: $50

  • Preventative services: 100% covered

Preferred-Care Blue buy-up PPO

The Preferred-Care Blue buy-up PPO plan provides coverage with lower deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums, but has higher monthly premiums. 

  • Deductible: $1,000/$2,000 in-network

  • Coinsurance: 80% in-network

  • Out of pocket max: $3,800/$7,600 in-network

*includes deductible & medical presciption copays 

  • Office visit copay: $25

  • Specialist visit copay: $50

  • Preventative services: 100% covered

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Prescription Drug Plan:


  • Generic: $10 copay 

  • Formulary: 40% coinsurance  up to $75 cap

  • Nonformulary: 60% coinsurance up to $75 cap


  • Generic: 50% after copay 

  • Formulary: 40% coinsurance - no cap

  • Nonformulary: 60% coinsurance - no cap


Flexible Spending Account (FSA):

An FSA provides ​​opportunities for pre-tax Heath and Dependent Care spending.

The IRS has a "use it or lose it" rule for FSAs. Eligible 2021 healthcare and dependent care expenses must be incurred no later than March 15, 2022. Claims must be submitted by March 31, 2022.

IRS Annual max contributions apply:
•$2,750 | Health Care
•$5,000 | Dependent Care

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Vision Insurance: 


VSP provides family members and dependents with an affordable eyecare plan including:  

  • $25 eye exam co-pay

  • $180 frames allowance* 

  • $180 contact lens allowance

  • Additional savings available for sunglasses, Laser vision correction and more! 

*Frames allowance is available every 24 months 



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Dental Insurance:

Diagnostic and preventative services are covered at 100% with no deductible

Basic services are covered at 80% after deductible.


Major Services are covered at 50% after deductible.

Calendar year deductibles:

  • Individual: $50

  • Family: $150

Maximum dental benefit per year: $1,500 per person

Orthodontia services are available for dependents to age 19 and are covered at 50% after deductible.

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Accident Insurance:

Accident insurance will help protect you and your covered dependents from unexpected accidents and injuries off the job. Our plan will pay benefits directly to you when you need it most to help pay for out of pocket expenses. 

Click here to view a list of benefits and examples. 


Critical Illness Insurance:

Critical Illness insurance will pay a lump sum benefit directly to you if you are diagnosed with a critical illness or cancer.  The money can be used for medical bills, treatment, income, or even your everyday bills and expenses. 

Click here to view a list of benefits and examples. 

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Term life Insurance and AD&D: 


If you are a benefit-eligible BFM, basic term life and AD&D insurance is provided to you at no cost. You will receive 1x your basic annual salary to a max of $50,000.

Supplemental coverage is available for you, your spouse and your children. You must be covered to elect spouse and/or child coverage. Spouse coverage is limited to 50% of your election.

Please refer to your employee benefits guide for more information including rates. 

 Click here  to view more details. 

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Short Term Disability (STD):

Group Short Term Disability Income Insurance provides you with benefits to replace part of your paycheck when you can’t work because of a sickness or injury. Your Short Term Disability benefits are paid for up to 13 weeks

When you become disabled you must complete a 14 day waiting period before benefits are payable.


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Life Insurance w/ Long Term Care

LifeTime Benefit Term Insurance is uniquely designed to match the needs of family members throughout their lifetime and provides lasting coverage to supplement the basic term life insurance.  With locked in rates and long term care benefits built in, this coverage offers more flexibility compared to traditional life insurance.  A variety of options are available to accommodate your needs and budget. 

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401(k) Retirement Savings Plans: 

The 401(k) plan is available on the first of the month following 2 months of employment for all full-time BFMs ages 21 and over.


Bickford Senior Living will match 0.5% for every 1% contributed by the BFM up to 6%.  

Plan group number: 068978

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On-demand access to earned wages with your employer- sponsored financial wellness benefit.


Not a loan, no hidden fees, and no credit check.


All employees are eligible.


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Invite your coworkers to receive $10!

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Identity Theft Protection

IdentityForce provides protection to you and your family through the following"

Secure My Network

Child Monitoring

Online PC Protection Tools

Senior Fraud Resolution

Ransomware Solution

Social Engineering Solution

Credit Score Simulator

Dark Web Threat Alerts

White-Glove Family Restoration

Mobile Attack Control

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529 Plan: 


A 529 plan allows BFMs to put money aside for your child's (or grandchild's) college education. Please note, there is a minimum deposit of $25 per pay period and the money is payroll deducted on an after-tax basis by Bickford. Full-time and part-time BFMs are eligible to enroll. 

Student Loan Repayment Assistance:


This program allows BFMs with FAFSA documented loans to receive loan advisory services at no charge. Speak with your director or Root Benefits for more information.  


Your ComPsych GuidanceResources program offers someone to talk to and resources to consult whenever and wherever you need them. 

Call: 977.533.2363

TDD: 800.697.0353



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